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25 Years of Providing Affordable Driving Packages with a 99% Passing Rate in Melbourne

Package Driving School is one of the most affordable driving schools in  Melbourne. Yes, there has never been a dearth of cheap driving schools in Melbourne, but what we offer is something different. Our truly affordable driving lesson packages ensure that you learn the basics of safe driving as well as advanced driving lessons. No other school teaches you the things we teach at the price we do.

Driving is not only about moving from point A to point B, it’s also about enjoying the drive. Whether it’s automatic or manual car learning, you will learn to enjoy the art of driving in a safe environment. Book a driving lesson from our affordable driving school today and experience the difference.



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25 Years, 2000 students, 99% success

The most affordable driving packages in Melbourne

Complete knowledge about all VicRoads testing centres

Know about the tips and techniques that would help you ace driving

Learn to enjoy driving in a safe way!



Drive Test Preparation
Learner Permit to P License
Overseas License Conversion
Automatic to Manual License
Log Book Compliance
Senior Driving Program
O.T. & Medical Driver Assessments
Pre Drive Test Assessment

What the Process

How it All Works?


Call us and book an affordable driving lesson from our driving school. You can also fill up the online form.


Our qualified instructor would come at your doorstep and start teaching you right from the basics.


At the final stages, we would help you cover all that you have learned so that you can ace your test.

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Check out what our clients has to say about obtaining their driving license & experience with Package Driving School.

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Our Driving Instructors:

The instructors at our driving school are ready to offer comprehensive driving assistance. They are amicable and cordial with profound experience. The principal motif of the instructors is to make you a confident, safer, and smart driver.

The tools you need

Why Choose package driving school

There are few couples of factors that make you choose us and here’s are the conscripted ones. 

Arrays of services related to driving

We have driving facilities for all types of driving aspirants like for nervous people, for students who want logbook training, and overseas training.

Convenient allotment of time

We have 5 to 10 driving lesson kits and we have serrated the time like 45, 60, 90, etc. 

Satisfies trainees

The main motto of the driving school is to give that utmost level of driving satisfaction. This is the reason which makes them Design the driving lessons based on individual requirements and demand. 

Guarantee on passing drive test

Our instructors are experienced and they help out a great deal so that you can crack the driving test in one shot. Besides encouraging trainees to traverse the test zones we also take them to have a test drive along with the other adjacent areas as well. 

Transparent about fees

We are quite honest about the fees and most importantly we don’t charge anything hidden or huge from clients. Our packages are designed as per your monetary convenience.

what you need to know


Q: How long will it usually take to get my driving license?

A: It actually depends on your learning skills and driving abilities. We show you the fastest and most practical lessons to help you learn to drive but every student is different. It always takes a mean of 25 lessons for somebody with no experience to be ready to drive safely.


Q: What's the minimum age limit that is set to use for a driver's license?

A: You have to be a minimum of 16 years old before you’ll apply for a car driving license in Australia.

Q: How long does it take for each driving lesson?

A: A traditional driving lesson goes for 1 hour and your instructor will pick you up and drop you off. You’ll prefer to have a double-length session if you would like to learn to drive faster.

Q: Does the driving school provide a car for the driving test?

A: Yes, you’ll hire a car for the test at an inexpensive rate. We also take students for a lesson just before the test in order that they’re confident and cozy.

Q: Are you able to provide a driving lesson on weekends?

A: Yes, we offer lessons 7 days every week. Please consider booking a couple of days beforehand to avoid disappointment.

Q: Can I change my instructors?

A: Sure. We all know that having no difficulties together with your driving instructor makes for an easier – and thus effective – learning experience. If you would like to book a lesson with another driving instructor, just follow the equivalent steps. From your dashboard select ‘find another instructor’ then choose the trainer you are comfortable with. Check their availability and book online. Take your driving lesson. It’s that straightforward.

Q: Am I permitted to get driving lessons in my own/family or friends' car?

A: Under certain conditions, learners might want to receive lessons in their own/family vehicle. This is often not a good idea. Its important to have a dual pedal car where the driving instructor will have control of the car. Also, the driving examiner also checks the car is going to be used for a driver’s test.

It’s also good in a way when a learner features a new car and needs to familiarize themselves with it before licensing. 

Q: Does one advise to learn driving either manual and automatic?
A: It would be best to choose automatic to start with. We do suggest that because it is the easier option and can assist you to gain confidence on the road and in traffic. If you would like to find out the manual you’ll do so after passing your practical driving test.
Q: How many driving lessons will I require to learn driving a car in Melbourne?
A: This depends on the learner, as every student has different abilities, needs, levels of experience, and different opportunities to practice. Keep in mind that anyone who “quotes” a fixed number of lessons over the phone because it is impossible, without first assessing your current skill levels. Once one among our Driving Instructors has assessed your current skill level, ability and has ascertained what proportion of practice you’ll obtain between lessons, we’ll be ready to provide you with an accurate estimate.
Q: Am I allowed to learn to drive in my own new car?
A: You are allowed as long as it is fully insured and relates to the RMS regulations for learner vehicles. Also, for learners its compulsory to have a experienced licensed driver at your side.
Q: How many lessons do I need before I'm ready for my drive test in Vic?

A: Everyone features a different learning ability.

However, some people may only need a couple of lessons but others may require more. It also depends on the frequency of lessons and former experience. confine mind, we suggest regardless of which school you select, have one or two lessons then ask your instructor to offer you an approximate estimate.

If you wish to pass the drive test our recommendations would be go for a 5 driving lessons + a drive test Vic package.

Else, we recommend 3 lessons + drive test Vic

Q: Are you able to book my driving test for me?

A: Yes, we will if you would like to use an instructor’s car for your test.

Q: If I even have booked my very own test, am I required to provide my own car for the test?
A: Yes, you want to bring your secure, suitable vehicle to use for your driving test. It must be registered and insured during a roadworthy condition.
Q: How can I pay charges for my driving lessons?
A: We accept cash, it’s easy to book online or in-person booking with your instructor following your lesson.
Q: Can my driving instructor fill in my logbook?
A: Yes, young drivers are going to be offered the prospect to find out more about road safety and compulsory 120 hours of logbook driving hours under a raft of changes by the VIC Government covering Learner licenses.
Q: Can you pick me up from school and drop me home after my driving session?
A: It depends on the services provided by your respective driving school. Please make these arrangements beforehand together with your instructor – we aim to keep learning to drive as easy and convenient for you as possible.
Q: What are the new road rules that started on 1 November 2012?
A: The RMS has introduced some new rules and regulations which include not using your mobile during a car while driving, signaling at roundabouts, no U-turn on a solid line, and lots more.
Q: Are you able to tell me if I’ll pass my road test?
A: Our instructors would be happy to provide a feedback in a 1-hour driving lesson in order that they can advise you of your current strengths and skills of driving also as any shortcomings which will require additional practice before testing.
Q: Am I able to take refresher driving lessons?
A: Yes, a refresher driving course is suitable for any age – whether you’re 17 or older, a refresher could help improve your driving skills.
Q: When should I start my lessons?
A: Whether you only obtained your learner’s license, have previous driving experience, or have a trial arising soon, lessons can assist you to prepare to become a secure, confident driver. Driving lessons are essential and useful in any part of your driving journey.
Q: How do I select a driving school?
A: Choosing a driving school is often nerve recking, there are many faculties and training programs to settle on from. Any school you choose must be licensed and every Instructor must have a knowledgeable driver training Instructor license alongside completing the required criminal and medical checks.
Q: What proportion of training/practice should I complete before attempting the road test?
A: During the learner’s license stage, VICRoads recommends 120 hours of behind-the-wheel practice time together with your qualified supervisor. This practice time, in conjunction with taking lessons from a driver training professional, will help new drivers to create a robust foundation of skills and prepare to become safe, confident drivers.
Q: What is the average driving lesson cost in Melbourne?
A: Cost: 1-hour automatic driving lessons: $60 per hour

45 min: $50

Q: Am I able to take driving lessons if I even have never driven before?
A: All of our driving instructors welcome the chance to supply driving lessons to learner drivers who haven’t driven before.
Q: Is one driving lesson every week enough?
A: So as to retain information and fully immerse yourself into professional driving, one lesson every week isn’t enough to realize the experience that comes with consistent driving.
Q: Can I learn to drive in a month?
A: It depends on your learning ability and experience if any. If you quickly like to learn to drive, you must consider an intensive driving course. While the particular learning time is going to be almost like those taking weekly lessons, you’ll learn to drive during a month – or less!
Q: What is the cancellations or rescheduling Policy?

A: 24-hour notice must be given for cancellations or rescheduling of lessons otherwise a full Payment needs to be paid.

Driving Test & Driving lesson


Holding the wheels and controlling gears is not an easy cup of tea for all. The moment you are on the road, you are likely to face unexpected scenarios. But you need to have all sorts of skills to tackle that at once. Talking of skills, you need to master the art of driving peacefully through stressful roads. Therefore to hone this you need assistance from driving school  Melbourne. The training will assure the professionals to stick to the traffic regulations always and ever. Therefore today we will highlight few pointers on the lessons that you need to learn and about some other facts. 

L’s To P’s- P1 (Red) – P2 (Green) :

  • Learner’s license
    To drive the car you need to have a learner’s license as this will allow you to be on the road along with the monitoring driver.

  • To get the Ls you need to comply with these pointers

    You need to be at least 16 years of age and have to be a resident of VIC.

    You have to study to take the test.

    Finally, you need to fill in the license permit form.

Probationary drivers license

  • You need to be a resident of VIC.
  • The individual has to meet the evidence of existence as a major requirement.
  • If the age of the applicant is less than 21, then one has to show that he or she has cleared the logbook of the learner. And has passed the driving test for 120 hours at a stretch. Note that out of these 120 hours then 20 hours drive test should be performed at night.
  • In the meantime, the applicant also needs to pass the test for hazard perception as well.
  • Once you clear this test, then and there you are going to receive the probationary license.

Overseas License Conversion

To get the overseas license conversion to follow the steps below:

  • First of all, you will have to fill in the place where your car’s license was issued.
  • The date of your birth.
  • When you came to Pakenham.
  • For how many years you are having a driver’s license.
  • Did ever your license get suspended since issued.

First Time Pass Driving lessons: 5- 60 min lessons + Drive Test

For the first time, learner’s here goes the detail

You need to pay $ 445 approximately for 60-minute lessons including a driving test.

The test will start immediately you show the concern for the same.

In case of cancellation, you need to inform before a day.

Recommended package: 3 lessons + Drive test

As an enthusiast driving learner, you can opt for this option always. Speaking of which check out this

The driving school Melbourne does make sure that you should take up this package where you will get 3 driving lessons along with a driving test at an affordable price ranging from $525 to $600.

Specialized for Nervous learner drivers to operate and drive safe

Drivers who get on their nerves might find it wracking to make through the busiest roads. So it is always advisable that they should be in regular practice when it comes to driving. For test drives, they should at least stick to 1-hour drill. Apart from that, the prudent driving schools have courses designed for them and it includes things like controlling the vehicle, taking the right driving ways, maintains peace on roads, etc.

Refresher course according to customers requirement.

Well, driving schools ascertain that the course should benefit the drivers outright. Therefore it’s their lookout to customize the course as per individuals’ need. That is why they do segregate the driving lesions into advance and intensive courses. At the same time, they try to fit the driving training as per the hours one can dedicate to driving.

Ways we follow

City driving, hook turns, and driving along with tram routes experience

Driving schools do categorize the driving course into the following ways

City driving

Driving in the city is not easy as one has to abide by lots of limitations related to space, cars, one-way routes, pedestrians. So training is given to slow down when such obstruction does hit.

Hook turns

Hook turns to mean using the left side of the lane to get to the right. So once you learn to use hook turns you can save your pocket from paying a penalty.

Tram route

The driving school even train you to use the tram routes with confidence and stick to the rules like not crossing the yellow tram lines. Also, not taking u-turns along the tram routes, etc.

Driving test preparation

Express Driving test preparation to get your driving license at one go.

Passing the driving test is not a tough chore only follow these pointers

You need to select the right driving school and the best instructor.

Practice is mandatory

Also, take lessons from the driving test routes in Frankston, Dandenong, Pakenham, Cranbourne, Noble Park, Heatherton, Burwood, Ringwood, Dromana, Mooroolbark, Werribee, Melton, Hoppers Crossing and all the suburbs of Melbourne.

Automatic Driving School

The driving schools offer driving lessons on driving automatic vehicles. It comes under certain regulations like when you decide to run the auto vehicles you cannot make for the manual ones. Additionally, you need to provide clear details regarding your age and all sorts of other details like whether you having any overseas license or not.

Manual Driving School

Driving school training in manual driving makes sure that you can easily make up for manual vehicles at an affordable price. But here also you need to stand by the rules and according to that, you can drive either of the two that means whether automatic or manual.

Driving School Packages

Driving school packages are pretty lucrative and here’s what you can expect from them.

  • You will get the facility like pick up just 1 hour before the driving lesson.
  • Warm-up for 45 minutes before the test.
  • You will be allowed to sit in the vehicle of the instructors.
  • The driving school faculty will even drop you at your place after the test.