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The day you bought the first car it gave you a real sense of freedom. Driving your cars through the winding lane. Turning left and rights is something that you always longed for. Honestly to be a pro driver you need to have confidence and dedication towards driving. That is possible only when you take professional driving lessons from driving school Werribee.

Our Different Driving Lessons in Werribee:

L’s To P’s- P1 (Red) – P2 (Green) :


First, you will have to fill in the application form issued by the department of transport.
You will have to submit all types of proofs like residential address, electricity or telephone bill, citizenship evidence, etc.
Note that the age of the driver should be 16 years.


To get the P1 license, you have to visit the Cranbourne transport office.
Also need to practice the driving test for 100 hours under supervision.
Cranbourne’s transport office will review the logbook.


For having a p 2 license, you need to keep the p 1 license for 10.5 months.
Then get ready for the hazard perception test.
After passing the hazard test keep the P1 license for a year.

Overseas License Conversion

To have the overseas license conversion you need to cling to these mandates.

Get your license verified by VicRoads.

You have to take both Learners and Hazard Perception test.

Its good to have few driving lessons before the drive test date to get familiar with the road rules and we highly recommend to take a 1-hour driving lesson before the day of the driving test.

Weekends are also included.

Note that the day and time may differ because these two things depend on the instructor’s availability.

In addition to all these, you will have to pass the rest of the tests like hazard perception, road laws, and regular driving tests.

First Time Pass Driving lessons: 5- 60 min lessons + Drive Test

Driving for the first time is quite tough unless you practice and take proper lessons. That is why we as the topmost driving school Cranbourne always suggest our clients have this 60 mins lessons package along with the driving test on the road.

Recommended package: 3 lessons + Drive test

We design a package that in the end is for benefitting our client. Like from our well-managed list of packages, we prefer to pick this one which will have 3 lessons and one drive test as well so that you can grab that confidence.

Different Driving Lessons

Different types of driving lessons include these of the following as penned below 

  • Driving lessons for beginners 

We would like to start with a very basic driving lesson and that is for beginners. Our instructors will teach you all about the emergency stop area, reserved parking area, and three turning points. 

  • Intensive form of driving lesson

These are short-term lessons designed for one-week sessions. This is apt for learners who want to master Driving efficiently in less time. 

We are expert in offering different types of driving lessons and that include such as 

  • Automatic driving lesson Werribee

Do you want to experience driving in a car without the need to switch gears? Then automatic cars are the real catch. Know that we have categorized the class into three-time slots such as 45 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes. 

  • Manual driving lesson Werribee

Driving traditional cars makes you a pro and you can experience that by enrolling in our manual driving lesson. Here also we have divided the class into three major time slots as 45, 60, and 90 minutes. 

  • Refresher driving lesson Werribee

Our instructors are adept at offering refresher lessons. Now those who have left driving long ago but want to resume driving in a fresh way can opt for this course. 

Specialized for Nervous learner drivers to operate and drive safe

Learners who are not much confident with cars often find it troublesome to head through roads for the first time. Now they can master this with the help of the professional driving school Cranbourne who always ensures that learners should practice every day and with complete consistency. To help them written pointers are offered like

  • Written materials
  • Checklist for students for detailed assessment.
  • Complete notes with colored pictures covering all the course topics

Refresher course according to customers requirement.

Are you still nervous to get back on the roads? Well leave your worries behind and get ready to re-experience the journey once again with the assistance of experienced driving instructors. They will not only tell you about the new changes in road laws but will also ensure that you cross each path with complete safety.

Werribee driving, hook turns, and driving along with bus routes experience

A driver is considered a professional when he can drive through tricky road conditions. Some of which are talked about below 

Tricky intersection

While driving through tricky intersections you must follow these 

  • Like if you see a stop sign you must stop there immediately. 
  • Also, need to wait when you see the yellow traffic light and red traffic light
  • Need to make sure that you follow the give way signs carefully. 
  • Drivers need to follow the pedestrian’s lights whether green or red and give way to pedestrians crossing the intersection. 

Roundabout has an island in the center and is intersected by one or two lanes. The traffic here can move in the same way to reach the central point. 

While crossing roundabouts drivers should stick to the left side of the lane. 

Next, a driver should try to follow the arrows or signs minutely. 

School zones

A driver must keep the diving speed minimum nearby school areas. He should maintain a speed of max 40 km per hour during school hours. Make sure that you drive carefully so that children moving to and fro from schools don’t get injured by any chance . 

Busy areas

Driving in a busy area needs most of your attention. You need to follow the left lane and stick to the traffic rules. 

Speed Limits

The driver has to maintain the speed limit always otherwise will have to pay a penalty for that. The normal Speed limit in Werribee is ranging from 40km/hr, 50km/hr, 60km/hr, 70km/hr and 80km/hr on Boundary road

In case of a driver is found to drive at an extreme speed limit then he will have to face the toughest penalty and that might subject to cancellation of license. 

You Choose Where to meet:

As a renowned driving school in Werribee, we always keep our rules flexible and try to customize that as per the client’s need. Like we never say that you can choose your pick-up points if you wish to start the driving lessons. There is no mandatory rule that you have to show up in our place.

Driving School Pricing Werribee

We have segregated the pricing as per the vehicles and lesson package. For example, if you wish to go for automatic cars then we have packages designed as 5 lessons cars package, 10 lessons car package, and the single lesson package. So it’s up to you which one deems fit for you.

What to expect:

Well, you can expect a whole of advantages from us and those we have summarised here. 

  • Licensed trainers 

You will get trainers who are licensed and experienced to train people of all ages. 

  • Rules of road

Our trainers will teach you very seriously and will let you obey the road regulations.

  • Safety rules 

Trainers will teach you how to abide by the safety rules on the road. 

  • Passing drive test at Vicroads Werribee

Our trainers have immense knowledge about the driving test so they will help you pass the Vic road driving test easily. 

Why Choose us

Few worthy reasons will make you choose us always 

Inclusive method of training 

The way our instructors do teach you is enriched and of high quality. Our trainers will teach you worthy skills that will help you to drive safely and confidently on roads. 

  • Training soundly 

We make sure that our clients get the smartest training. But at the same time, we make it a point that the training should be precise and to the point. 

  • Pricing is affordable 

We strive to provide you with an affordable price rate and that is designed to suit your budget. Our price is competitive and devised to value your investment. 

  • One lesson Driving free

We believe that a test trial will give you an idea of how we work in reality. So for that, you can try our test trial version which is free for 1 hour. 

  • Have the flexibility to change instructors if needed

Of course, you can change the instructor and get along with the person who makes you feel easy while driving. It is quite simple as you can do the same from the dashboard itself.


  • Handle your driving lessons at your will

You have the complete freedom to handle all your driving classes as you need. The only thing is that you need to be at our website and book for the instructors any time you want.

  • Choose instructors yourself

Once you land up on the site you will get the chance to see which drivers are available at the moment. Precisely we offer a real-time listing of drivers.


Passing Drive test at VicRoads Werribee

To get the badge of a learned driver, you need to make sure that you pass out the driving test in Werribee. And this driving test checks your confidence and ability to drive on a crowded road. Well to pass the test you need to appear for two types of test categories such as 

Pre-check test 

The driving license officer will instruct you to show your skill by identifying and operating the automobile controls such as horn, headlight, hazard light, etc. 

Also, show the handbrakes
Next, you will have to recognize the parts like the windscreen but no need to operate.  

Finally, show how can you start the car engine. 

  • On-road test phase 1



For this test, you need to show your driving on less taxing road conditions. Here the instructors might ask you to prove your skill on 
By starting the engine and stopping that Show how to take the left and right turns at the intersection points

Show the art to switch lanes.

  • On-road test phase 2

Here the road condition is much challenging and you have to drive through crowded traffic. As per the command of the testing officer you need to show how easily can you change one lane to another. Then how smoothly can you blend with the other traffic? How to drive through curved and straight roads. 

Tips to pass the driving test at Vicroads Werribee

  • The first thing that you should remember is that need to be mentally prepared. 
  • Just close your eyes and relax
  • Understand the traffic rules clearly
  • Have a clear idea regarding the road types

How we work

Our work is transparent and quite organized so let’s check how we work exactly 

  • Helps you in finding the driving instructor. Once you log in to our site we make sure that you get the names of the driving instructor and check their availability based on real-time data. 
  • We will help you book the lessons online only and can buy the driving package at the same time and save that in the cart. 
  • Once you are done with the said work instructor will reach you and will pick you up from your place only. 
  • You will get the full opportunity to handle the driving lesson bookings yourself 

Automatic Driving School:

Automatic cars are quite a in demand as you don’t have to muse about the brakes.

So if you are interested to learn about automatic driving them to need to enroll in a driving school like us in Cranbourne and go through our learning hours and package for the same.

Manual Driving School:

Are you still one of those who are highly interested in manual driving. If the traditional brakes and wheel driving excite you don’t lose time and contact the professional driving school.

How do I find private driving instructors near me?

Somehow you are not much confident about your driving skill, it does not matter whenever you have the best driving school beside you. No matter what is your age, how efficient you are, the driving school Werribee will offer you a list of instructors who will make driving a fun ride.

Our instructors will plan the schedule as per the need of the clients. We can reach you anytime irrespective of which suburb you belong to.

At the same time can offer you a driving lesson in your preferred vehicle whether it’s automatic or manual. Thus, we always make sure that you learn safely, smartly, and confidently.

Do not worry you can contact us anytime as professional and trained trainers are ready to teach you. They will help you achieve your driving efficiency with ease at a speed you are comfortable with. They won’t rush with things and will teach you calmly.

Our Driving School Students and their Testimonial who passed their drive test in Hoppers Crossing for 1st attempt:

A huge round of applause for the driving instructor in Werribee helped to keep me calm while on wheels. He taught me every little hack that helped me to get the license on the first go.

Package Driving School Student 1
Congratulations Priyanka great drive great pass from Package driving school Werribee thanks once again to choose Package driving school

I was unconfident initially when I started driving but my instructor in Werribee encouraged me and those positive words helped me to set sail through without hitch.

Package Driving School Student 2
Congratulations Avhinav passed your driving test at your first attempt from Package driving school Werribee

My instructor in Werribee always adjusted with my schedule and came to train me at the desired time I wanted. This made me love driving more because he made me learn to drive out of love.



Package driving school student 3
Congratulations Jacob passed your driving test from Package Driving school Werribee thanks once again to choose Package driving school
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Driving School Pages

VicRoads – Hoppers Crossing Customer Service Centre

Closest Vicroad Office: 205 Watton Street, Werribee Victoria 3030

Hours: 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday

Pre Drive Check: Very important to get qualified for a Drive Test

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FAQ Driving School Melbourne

Q: How long will it usually take to get my driving license?

A: It actually depends on your learning skills and driving abilities. We show you the fastest and most practical lessons to help you learn to drive but every student is different. It always takes a mean of 25 lessons for somebody with no experience to be ready to drive safely.


Q: What's the minimum age limit that is set to use for a driver's license?

A: You have to be a minimum of 16 years old before you’ll apply for a car driving license in Australia.

Q: How long does it take for each driving lesson?

A: A traditional driving lesson goes for 1 hour and your instructor will pick you up and drop you off. You’ll prefer to have a double-length session if you would like to learn to drive faster.

Q: Does the driving school provide a car for the driving test?

A: Yes, you’ll hire a car for the test at an inexpensive rate. We also take students for a lesson just before the test in order that they’re confident and cozy.

Q: Are you able to provide a driving lesson on weekends?

A: Yes, we offer lessons 7 days every week. Please consider booking a couple of days beforehand to avoid disappointment.

Q: Can I change my instructors?

A: Sure. We all know that having no difficulties together with your driving instructor makes for an easier – and thus effective – learning experience. If you would like to book a lesson with another driving instructor, just follow the equivalent steps. From your dashboard select ‘find another instructor’ then choose the trainer you are comfortable with. Check their availability and book online. Take your driving lesson. It’s that straightforward.

Q: Am I permitted to get driving lessons in my own/family or friends' car?

A: Under certain conditions, learners might want to receive lessons in their own/family vehicle. This is often not a good idea. Its important to have a dual pedal car where the driving instructor will have control of the car. Also, the driving examiner also checks the car is going to be used for a driver’s test.

It’s also good in a way when a learner features a new car and needs to familiarize themselves with it before licensing. 

Q: Does one advise to learn driving either manual and automatic?
A: It would be best to choose automatic to start with. We do suggest that because it is the easier option and can assist you to gain confidence on the road and in traffic. If you would like to find out the manual you’ll do so after passing your practical driving test.
Q: How many driving lessons will I require to learn driving a car in Melbourne?
A: This depends on the learner, as every student has different abilities, needs, levels of experience, and different opportunities to practice. Keep in mind that anyone who “quotes” a fixed number of lessons over the phone because it is impossible, without first assessing your current skill levels. Once one among our Driving Instructors has assessed your current skill level, ability and has ascertained what proportion of practice you’ll obtain between lessons, we’ll be ready to provide you with an accurate estimate.
Q: Am I allowed to learn to drive in my own new car?
A: You are allowed as long as it is fully insured and relates to the RMS regulations for learner vehicles. Also, for learners its compulsory to have a experienced licensed driver at your side.
Q: How many lessons do I need before I'm ready for my drive test in Vic?

A: Everyone features a different learning ability.

However, some people may only need a couple of lessons but others may require more. It also depends on the frequency of lessons and former experience. confine mind, we suggest regardless of which school you select, have one or two lessons then ask your instructor to offer you an approximate estimate.

If you wish to pass the drive test our recommendations would be go for a 5 driving lessons + a drive test Vic package.

Else, we recommend 3 lessons + drive test Vic

Q: Are you able to book my driving test for me?

A: Yes, we will if you would like to use an instructor’s car for your test.

Q: If I even have booked my very own test, am I required to provide my own car for the test?
A: Yes, you want to bring your secure, suitable vehicle to use for your driving test. It must be registered and insured during a roadworthy condition.
Q: How can I pay charges for my driving lessons?
A: We accept cash, it’s easy to book online or in-person booking with your instructor following your lesson.
Q: Can my driving instructor fill in my logbook?
A: Yes, young drivers are going to be offered the prospect to find out more about road safety and compulsory 120 hours of logbook driving hours under a raft of changes by the VIC Government covering Learner licenses.
Q: Can you pick me up from school and drop me home after my driving session?
A: It depends on the services provided by your respective driving school. Please make these arrangements beforehand together with your instructor – we aim to keep learning to drive as easy and convenient for you as possible.
Q: What are the new road rules that started on 1 November 2012?
A: The RMS has introduced some new rules and regulations which include not using your mobile during a car while driving, signaling at roundabouts, no U-turn on a solid line, and lots more.
Q: Are you able to tell me if I’ll pass my road test?
A: Our instructors would be happy to provide a feedback in a 1-hour driving lesson in order that they can advise you of your current strengths and skills of driving also as any shortcomings which will require additional practice before testing.
Q: Am I able to take refresher driving lessons?
A: Yes, a refresher driving course is suitable for any age – whether you’re 17 or older, a refresher could help improve your driving skills.
Q: When should I start my lessons?
A: Whether you only obtained your learner’s license, have previous driving experience, or have a trial arising soon, lessons can assist you to prepare to become a secure, confident driver. Driving lessons are essential and useful in any part of your driving journey.
Q: How do I select a driving school?
A: Choosing a driving school is often nerve recking, there are many faculties and training programs to settle on from. Any school you choose must be licensed and every Instructor must have a knowledgeable driver training Instructor license alongside completing the required criminal and medical checks.
Q: What proportion of training/practice should I complete before attempting the road test?
A: During the learner’s license stage, VICRoads recommends 120 hours of behind-the-wheel practice time together with your qualified supervisor. This practice time, in conjunction with taking lessons from a driver training professional, will help new drivers to create a robust foundation of skills and prepare to become safe, confident drivers.
Q: What is the average driving lesson cost in Melbourne?
A: Cost: 1-hour automatic driving lessons: $60 per hour

45 min: $50

Q: Am I able to take driving lessons if I even have never driven before?
A: All of our driving instructors welcome the chance to supply driving lessons to learner drivers who haven’t driven before.
Q: Is one driving lesson every week enough?
A: So as to retain information and fully immerse yourself into professional driving, one lesson every week isn’t enough to realize the experience that comes with consistent driving.
Q: Can I learn to drive in a month?
A: It depends on your learning ability and experience if any. If you quickly like to learn to drive, you must consider an intensive driving course. While the particular learning time is going to be almost like those taking weekly lessons, you’ll learn to drive during a month – or less!

Our Driving School in Cranbourne is located at : 5 Ruffy Dr, Cranbourne VIC 3977

Great last minute appointment.

Great last minute appointment. Would definitely recommend for a driving instructor! 🙂 Great advice and a very nice humble person.

Learnt a lot of new things that helped me during my driving test.

I had an amazing experience with my driving instructor. Learnt a lot of new things that helped me during my driving test. Very thankful 

Great instructor.

Great instructor. Very friendly. I would highly recommend this one.